Zelensky’s Star-Studded Grammy Performance Raises Questions

Why does is seem like Zelensky is interviewing for a top spot in the new globalist world government each and every time he addresses the western world? His words are dripping with disingenuousness and they reek of media training typical of American liberal celebrities.

We all know of Zelensky’s training as an actor, which are skills he’s obviously carried with him as corrupt President of Ukraine, but no one could’ve guessed the level of “professionalism” he deploys while nudging up to America’s celebrities.

Zelensky knows precisely how to pull at Hollywood’s heartstrings — it’s almost as if he’s a celebrity himself!

The publicity tour continued when the Ukrainian President appeared at the star-studded Grammy’s to deliver a surprise appearance via a pre-recorded video message.

During the Grammy’s on Sunday, Zelensky likened the Russian invasion to a deadly silence threatening to extinguish the dreams and lives of the Ukrainian people, including children.

“Our musicians wear body armor instead of tuxedos. They sing to the wounded in hospitals, even to those who can’t hear them,” he said in English. “But the music will break through anyway.”

The flowery language used to describe children killed at the hands of Russian soldiers is a sick strategy to ask for American war dollars.

You can watch the entire performance below:

The Recording Academy, with its partner Global Citizen, prior to the ceremony highlighted a social media campaign called “Stand Up For Ukraine” to raise money and support during the humanitarian crisis.

“Fill the silence with your music. Fill it today to tell our story. Tell the truth about the war on your social networks, on TV, support us in any way you can any, but not silence. And then peace will come to all our cities,” Zelensky said.

Zelensky’s video appeared ahead of a live performance by John Legend. Images of the conflict were broadcast as Legend performed his song “Free.” Lyuba Yakimchuk, a poet from the severely jeopardized Donbas region, recited some words which included “protect my motherland.”

This entire scenario is yet another example of liberal virtue-signaling on full display.

To them, Zelensky symbolizes the tentative nature of “democracy” (however they define it). His climate change, pro-abortion liberalism makes him the current poster boy for the kind of leadership American leftists hope to install here.

In reality, Zelensky acts as a catalyst for eventual globalist hegemony, which liberals either support or are too myopic in their thinking to realize.

Don’t fall for it…

Author: Asa McCue