Your Mom Could Be On The FBIs Most Wanted List

Who would have guessed that one day we would live in a world where mothers around the nation are the target of the United States Government? But as the culture in America slowly declines, every single day seems to breed a new kind of crazy. Moms all over the country are at odds with the new authoritarian and unrelenting approach to schooling and children in general that is putting kids in danger and destroying the very rights that parents have when it comes to their children.

More than ever, mothers are coming to meetings at the school board to protests mask and graphic sexual content that is being labeled as curriculum, as well as race theories that teach children to hate their country, themselves and their neighbor. School boards are becoming more uneasy by the day. But they expect the defiance from these outspoken parents to be short lived. They want mothers to go back to their homes after saying their piece, be quiet and take whatever they are dishing out to children. Maybe because that’s what’s happened in the past, but that’s not what will happen in the future.

They are seriously underestimating the maternal instinct a mother has to protect her children. Mothers are growing in numbers, and they won’t stand down. But school boards have had enough, which is why the National School Board Association (NSBA) is now targeting all those who defy them.

They sent a letter to Biden about these defiant mothers, who are now labeled as extremists, and part of hate groups strictly for standing up for their children.

The NSBA has made it clear that they won’t stand for any opposition. They’ve asked for assistance from the federal government to help ‘take care of’ the mothers who come to the school board meetings and oppose extremist policies. They’re making a list and taking names, and it won’t be long before the FBI is knocking on the doorstep of all those who defy the rules the liberal left has put in place for our children in public schools. A storm is brewing, and we all need to ask ourselves which side we will be on.

Author: Robin Nicholson