Your Cheeseburger Is About To Cost a Whole Lot More

Ever since Biden set his incompetent foot in the oval office, prices around the nation have been skyrocketing at never-before-seen rates. And they’re about to hit America’s favorite fast food chain like never before. McDonald’s is going to raise is menu prices a massive amount this year so they can keep up with the rising employee wages and all the costs that are associated with the current labor shortage in America, as well as the supply chain crisis.

So, what are the horrifying details?

McDonalds says they are struggling to keep enough employees so that they’re able to serve their customers and keep their locations open, even though they are offering a higher amount of pay to their workers.

Execs from the company said they have already raised the prices on the menu by about 6% in 2021, compared to last year and they plan to keep these prices elevated for the last part of the year, at least.

They say that wages at McDonalds are up 10% and costs for supplies like paper and food are going to increase by more than 4%.

The economic impacts of Biden’s failing policies have raised prices in other conglomerates, as well, like Kraft Heinz and Coca-Cola.

McDonalds made the announcement about the price hikes just a few hours after they had reported higher-than-expected third quarter sales. Their United States same-store sales went up by more than 9.6% when comparing them to last year. The chain says the surprise growth in sales is likely from their celebrity promotions and their new crispy chicken sandwich.

McDonalds said they’re using a pricing advisory firm to try and track just how much customers will be willing to pay for their food.

So, why does all this matter?

Progressives have been arguing for years that if companies paid their unskilled worker wages that were higher that it would benefit the middle and lower class individually. Conservatives always argue that these companies will raise their prices to compensate, though, and this hike price at McDonalds proves their point. The truth is, Republicans have seen this coming for a long time.

Author: Jacob Lee