You Won’t Believe Why Democrat States Are Abolishing Math In School

According to the California school board, teaching mathematics is just another component of white supremacist culture and is due to be purged of its racist influence.

How can math be racist? Math apparently should not be divided into having right or wrong answers, rather, any answer should be considered as equally valid.

Princeton Professor Sergiu Klainerman called the woke cultural phenomena “soft” Marxism because it does not outright jail or eliminate dissenters, rather it uses the tactic of “social shaming, mob punishment” and “guilt by association.”

Klainerman is a professor of mathematics, and is very troubled by the move.

He says that progressives have taken the radical move of considering the very concept of a ‘right answer’ as “a form of bias or racism” which they consider to be “extraordinarily dangerous.” According to Klainerman: “mathematics is based on. . . statements of fact,” and he points out that if this were not the case, engineering and banking “would be impossible.”

According to progressives however, the abject failure of engineering and hard sciences is a small price to pay in order to slay the imaginary dragon of racism.

Oregon is also considering adopting such similar nonsense as California, so at least the students will have similarly delayed company at the time of graduation.

This leftist nonsense is a complete reversal of competitive educational goals that have been targeted since the 90’s, when the American educational system sought to catch up to eastern nations such as South Korea and Taiwan where Algebra I is mastered before the 8th grade.

The goal of the woke policy isn’t to improve achievement or learning, rather it’s meant to help level out the equality of outcomes amongst students. The concept is that if less capable students struggle to learn Algebra, they shouldn’t feel inferior to talented students. The American public education has been redesigned into a daycare with a guaranteed degree at the end. A high school diploma’s value has no appreciable worth in the modern workforce because employers recognize this.

The left is doing their best to institutionalize idiocracy in order to keep students from having hurt feelings over their own failures.

Author: Pat Vaughn

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