You Won’t Believe What Romney Just Said About Biden

A Republican from Utah, and perhaps one of America’s most well-known RINOs, Mitt Romney attended the “State of the Union” on CNN Sunday and let some surprising news slip. He said that he trusts Biden in the midst of discussing the infrastructure bill that is brokered by Biden a group of bipartisan colleagues.

While discussing the intense confusion over The President first saying that a second packaged that’s pushed by progressives will be added to the original bipartisan bill, but later walking back last Saturday, the anchor, Jake Tapper asked Mitt if he trusts President Joe Biden to keep his word or not.

Romney confessed that he does trust the president that said that he made it very clear in his much bigger statement that announced over this past weekend, which was carefully designed and considered piece by piece, that if or when the infrastructure bill gets to his desk, and only if it comes alone will he sign it.

Romney said that he understands Biden and his colleague want more than just the bipartisan bill, but Republicans, like him are saying no. Romney says that he will not support spending trillions of dollars on new things, and that the Republicans will only support the reparations of roads, airports, bridges, railways, transit systems and other vital infrastructure within the United States. Romney finished it off by saying that they can “get the job done.”

Tapper then asked Romney how many senate Republicans he has committed to voting for the infrastructure bill.

Romney said that he believes they have enough Republicans in the senate to get it passed, but he doesn’t know how everyone else is feeling after the weekend. Romney says he can understand why a lot of his colleagues were concerned after what Joe Biden said on Friday, and that he himself was concerned. Though he said that he believes the waters have calmed because of what Joe Biden said in his statement on Saturday.

Romney said that he himself had called the White house, and that the White house called of the republicans they were negotiating with and promised to make everything clear about what Joe Biden meant, and Romney says he feels confident taking President Biden as his word. In fact, Romney called Biden a man of “honor,” which is hilarious, especially considering where it’s coming from.

Author: Jacob Price