You Won’t Believe What Cuomo Did With His Last Hours In Office

New York’s former and disgraced governor, Andrew Cuomo, used his last hours in office to pardon multiple convicted killers, including one David Gilbert, a cop killer who Cuomo insists is a changed man.

Gilbert is a member of Weather Underground, and was convicted in 1983 with a 75 years-to-life prison sentence for four counts of 1st degree robbery, and three counts of 2nd degree murder after he participated in the robbery of a cash truck in 1981, bagging $1.6 million in cash and ending the lives of a security guard and two police officers.

Cuomo, already an enemy of the law enforcement community, outraged them further by releasing one of New York’s most wanted.

Retired detective Arthur Keenan Jr. of the Nyack PD, who was himself wounded in the shootout spoke out against the decision on Monday, calling Cuomo a backstabber and “traitor” for betraying the law enforcement community at large. “Federal, state, local… the whole country,” he said.

Rockland County’s executive, Ed Day, said of the Democrat governor that he had “debased himself” during his time in office, recalling how Cuomo victimized 11 women and then released Gilbert to “further assault… the people of Rockland.” He said that the former governor was more concerned with murderers well-being than that of the victims.

Cuomo, upon granting pardon to Gilbert, defended the convict for his work as a law library clerk and AIDS educator who served 40 years of the 75 to-life sentence. Cuomo insisted that Gilbert was merely a “driver, not the murderer” in the incident.

Cuomo’s decision is not a straight get-out-of-jail-free card for Gilbert, instead it offers Gilbert the opportunity for a parole hearing soon.

Amongst those lobbying for Gilbert’s release was the convict’s son, Chesa Boudin, a controversial district attorney for San Francisco. Boudin was yet an infant at the time of the crime. His mother, Kathy Boudin, was released in 2003, having served 20 years in prison for her involvement in the same crime.

Cuomo commuted the sentences of four other murderers and pardoned a white-collar criminal who was caught stealing money from investors.

Author: Lydia Schultz