Woke School Bans ‘Political’ American Flag But Still Allows This

A Washington state teacher was forced to remove a pro-police flag that was displayed in her classroom because critics said it was a “political symbol,” meanwhile, the school allows LGBT pride and Black Lives Matter flags to be displayed in the same school.

Chris Sutherland, the teacher’s brother, explained on a radio interview with KTTH’s Jason Rantz Show that his sister was told that the “kids and staff feel unsafe” in the presence of the flag.

Sutherland, himself a former police officer, served on the Marysville Police Department and consequently his sister placed a “Thin Blue Line” flag in the classroom in support of police officers, surrounded by pictures of Chris.

The teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that the first sign of trouble was when the school’s assistant principal raised a fit about the same symbol being displayed on her personal laptop.

The assistant principal cited concerns about the ways in which families, community members or students “might interpret… the image.” An HR document regarding the laptop sticker shows that the assistant principal alleged that the sticker caused “a disruption to the learning environment.”

Those objections were eventually dropped, and afterwards the unnamed teacher placed the flag in her classroom.

A different assistant principal then filed an HR complaint and demanded that the flag be removed on account of being an offensive “political symbol.”

The school district instructed the teacher that she could never display the “Thin Blue Line Flag symbol” any more or she would face disciplinary action.

The same school, however, supports the display and cause of BLM and LGBT symbols. The teacher in question also had a pride flag present in the classroom in support of a gay relative.

The district was asked by news networks to comment on why BLM flags were deemed apolitical and acceptable when Thin Blue Line flags were not.

The teacher gave in and took down the flag, but added in the HR report that the incident was “the most traumatic and hostile” encounter she’s ever had at the school.

Teachers across the nation have been tearing down American flags, particularly in the Portland area citing a belief that the flag represents “violence… menace… intolerance.”

Students also face discrimination for showing support of police, such as students at Arizona State University who were confronted for having laptop stickers that said “Police Lives Matter.” A viral video showed how the students were heckled and instructed to leave the area in which they were studying.

Author: Sue Butler