Woke Business Owner Meets a Hilariously Ironic Fate

A Minneapolis business owner who was forced to restart his Indian restaurant a year after his original building was burnt down by BLM rioters in the summer of 2020 just reported that his van full of supplies for his new restaurant was just stolen.

Ruhel Islam, a Bangladeshi immigrant who was raised under the dictatorship of his former country reported that the van for his new restaurant, Curry In A Hurry, was stolen from right in front of his house. The keys inside of the truck were then used to enter his new establishment, and the robbers stole $500 from the register.

Islam’s first restaurant, Gandhi Mahal, used to be located mere blocks away from Minneapolis’ 3rd Precinct Police Depart, the same which was torched by rioters last summer. His restaurant was set ablaze during the demonstrations, but Islam, accompanied by his daughter, took to social media and became viral celebrities for standing with BLM, saying “Let my building burn,” because it was in the name of racial justice.

Since his building was razed, the site has become the location of a community garden. Islam then opened his new restaurant a mere two miles away, offering outdoor seating, catering, delivery, and takeout.

Islam declared that the stolen vehicle was filled with newly bought catering supplies, kitchen equipment and accounting paperwork for the business when it was robbed from outside of his house.

The van was last seen two days later, with the van’s logo covered by spray painted black squares. No suspects have yet been apprehended.

Islam, slow to learn, expressed that he would not press charges if the perpetrators returned the van. He even offered to “give you food all your life… give you a job.” He pleaded that the robbers “work with us… solve the problem.”

His promise comes just past a year after his activist daughter, Hafsa Islam, wrote a Washington Post op-ed in 2020.

Hafsa wrote that while her family’s restaurant can be rebuilt, George Floyd’s life can never be reclaimed. She said that protesters tried peace “for years… it didn’t work,” adding that if burning and looting is what’s required “to get justice, then it[s]… worth it.”

Author: Ernest Thompson