Whoopi’s Career Should Be Over, Instead Liberals Brought Her Back

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host on “The View” has returned from her suspension following controversial and insensitive remarks about the Holocaust on the show.

On Monday, Goldberg announced “Yes, I am back,” after having been suspended for the past eight episodes, starting on February 2nd.

Goldberg received a two-week suspension on February 1st by ABC News after saying on the show that the Holocaust had nothing to do with race but was a conflict between different groups of “White” people.

Goldberg said that during her suspension, many people contacted her about her remarks. Though she didn’t go into specifics, she said that she believed it was important that conversation continued even if it wasn’t “always pretty.” She also brushed offer her callous remarks by stating that her job on TV is to “get in important information about topics… [in] five minutes… that’s what we try to do.”

Goldberg went viral on January 31 when she claimed that the Holocaust didn’t involve race. Her comments stunned her colleagues at the table, with co-host Joy Behar asking her “what is it about?”. Goldberg then started saying that it was about “man’s inhumanity to man,” with co-host Ana Navarro adding that it involved “White supremacists going after Jews and Gypsies,” to which Goldberg spoke over her with: “but these are two White groups of people.”

Goldberg’s colleagues disagreed with her.

A wave of criticism about Goldberg’s comments erupted in the immediate aftermath, with Whoopie both apologizing for her comments but simultaneously defending her stance, saying on “The Late Show” that she ‘sees race’ differently because she’s a Black woman.

The next day, “The View” guest-starred Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, who explained why Goldberg’s statements were offensive to Jews and others.

“Well, Whoopi, there’s no question that the Holocaust was about race. That’s how the Nazis saw it as they perpetrated the systematic annihilation of the Jewish people across continents, across countries with deliberate and ruthless cruelty, You see, Hitler’s ideology, the Third Reich, was predicated on the idea that the Aryans, the Germans, were a ‘master race,’ and the Jews were a subhuman race. It was racialized antisemitism.”

Goldberg was suspended by ABC the same evening as her comments after drawing criticism from both sides of the political spectrum. Many say that her punishment wasn’t as severe as it should have been, nor as harsh as ABC had dealt out to others for their controversial remarks.

Author: Shirley Gray