Whitmer’s Days Are Numbered As Recall Effort Moves Forward

The Court of Appeals in Michigan just ruled that the recall effort targeting the state’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, will move forward.

The court approved seven petitions, six of which are seeking to recall the Democrat Governor and one of them seeking to recall the Lieutenant Governor.

Five of the petitions target Whitmer for her handling of the Coronavirus pandemic and another aims at her trip to Israel, which she took just before the pandemic began.

Whitmer has been under heavy fire for the behavior she exhibited during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for her nursing home policies. The policies were similar to that of New York, where adult care and nursing home facilities were forced to accept COVID patients in recovery, regardless of their contagious status, or COVID positive status.

The Mackinac Center attempted to do a tally of all the Whitmer-caused deaths. The official tally is somewhere around 5,600 but it’s expected that the actual tally is much higher than this number.

The Democrat governor was also caught breaking COVID regulation on multiple occasions. Just last week, leaked photographs exposed her eating with at least ten people in a restaurant, despite her mandated rule that no more than six people could sit together. The scandal caused Whitmer to lift the tyrannical restriction starting on July 1st.

And just before this, Whitmer was caught red-handed travelling to Florida on her private jet to visit her father. Whitmer currently has a ban on Florida travel, due to the amount of COVID cases within the state. She tried to make excuses that her father was ill and this was no vacation, but the people weren’t having it.

Whitmer and her administration plan to appeal all of the petitions, but her efforts are likely futile.

Author: Baily Sanchez