‘White Scientists’ Are The Next On The ‘Wokeness’ Agenda

A scientific conference on marine life will be charging white scientists an entry free while allowing scientists of color to attend for free.

POSea’s 2021 conference, a virtual conference that’s meant to be exclusive to the “marine science BIPOC community” is charging a $10 fee to white scientists who wish to participate as an “ally,” while still excluding them from certain events at the conference.

BIPOC is a new woke acronym for “black, indigenous, and people of color.”

The virtual conference will be co-hosted by Latinx in the Marine Sciences, Minorities in Shark Sciences, Black Women in Ecology, Black in Marine Science, Minorities in Aquarium, Evolution and Marine Science, BIPOC in Ocean Science, and Zoo Science.

The goal of the conference is to “provide networking opportunities” as well as “professional development opportunities” to “BIPOC marine scientists” across the world.

The conference takes abstract submissions from fields related to marine biology, oceanography, and geology.

Conference participants are allowed to showcase their organization as an exhibitor during the conference. In July, a full list of speakers as well as the agenda will be revealed.

This marine biology conference is not the first of it’s kind to have a racist charge against white people for entry.

Earlier in June, organizers of a Seattle Pride event demanded a special charge of “white allies and accomplices” called a “reparations fee.” The event, titled “Taking B(l)ack Pride,” was touted by organizers as an opportunity to lift the voices, contributions and narratives “of black, queer and trans” people.

The event received backlash and concern from other LGBT groups such as Capitol Hill Pride, who filed a complaint with Seattle’s Human Rights Commission over the charge because the event’s admission policy was clearly racially discriminatory. The event was organized by the groups “Queer the Land,” and “Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network.”

Back in 2019, a Detroit festival put on by an Afrofuturist group charged white people double the rate of black people in order to attend.

The group was forced to drop their racist policy after one of their performers backed out over the issue and ticketing vendor Eventbrite threatened to de-list the event. Tiny Jag, a rapper who was scheduled to perform at the event raised the issue publicly and said that the racist charge was not reflective of “the views of myself or [my] team.”

Tiny Jag added that she never imagined that people would consider “something like that [to be] progressive.”

Author: Arthur Park