White House Trains Social Media ‘Influencers’ To Lie About Gas Prices

The propaganda machines are working full force and show now signs of slowing down anytime soon.

When Americans speak of more outwardly totalitarian countries like China, Russia, or North Korea, they usually make note of the propaganda that informs citizens of those countries. Those of us living in Western countries can’t begin to wrap our minds around the ubiquitous propaganda posters seen in Soviet Russia or the media crackdowns in Communist China.

However, upon closer examination of how the media works in the United States and how social media is quickly taking its place, you will be hard pressed to find many differences between us and China.

And for those who’re skeptical: How do you explain this?

TikTok influencer Ellie Zeiler is the latest social media influencer who’s begun posting pro-Biden content after a she was briefed by White House staff on the “truth” behind high gas prices and record inflation.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and national security staffers met last week with 30 TikTok stars to discuss the war in Ukraine.

“I’m here to relay the information in a more digestible manner to my followers,” she said. “I would consider myself a White House correspondent for Gen Z.”

Very scary stuff going on here.

Over the weekend, Zeiler posted a TikTok explaining why gas prices and inflation rates are hitting record levels.

Are taxpayers responsible for funding this propaganda?

“For the people who can’t pay $7 for a gallon of gas, there’s an app called GasBuddy that shows you the cheapest gas near you,” Zeiler concluded.

This would be laughable if it weren’t so insidious.

Zeiler’s argument is in complete alignment with the White House and comes just in time as Biden desperately needs the reinforcement.

In response to inflation hitting a fresh four-decade high of 7.9% last week, Biden claimed that rising price levels were due to sanctions and other problems caused by Putin’s war. However, Biden claimed credit for “good” economic news by saying that the “economic data tells the tale of two recoveries.”

Similarly, Psaki attempted to explain away the record-high gas prices by again blaming Vladimir Putin and his invasion in Ukraine even though they were on a steady incline anyway.

They’re lying straight to our faces using America’s next burgeoning generation to deliver the message.

What could be more wildly insidious than that?

Author: Asa McCue