White House Tensions Escalate — Biden And Harris Duke It Out Over Who Has To Go

It turns out that good Ol’ Joe might be taking part in a coup to replace one of the most unpopular Democrats of all time, our tried-and-true Kamala Harris…

Inside reports from Fox News showcase the curious happenings in the White House. Reports indicate there are rumors coming from high-profile politicians that there will be new confirmation hearings coming up in the House. Why does this matter? Because not only does the house confirm regular nominees, but it’s also the name of the game when it comes to confirming nominees for the Vice President. It’s no secret that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are at ends lately, and it looks like he might want her out.

Kamala’s poll numbers are lagging like never before, and Joe doesn’t want her to drag him down, too. There’s lots of rumors swirling about her future in the White House, and what Biden is willing to do to get her out sooner rather than later. Inside reports also say that a Capitol Hill Whistleblower is telling his allies to become familiar with processes involved in confirming a vacancy for the VP in the House and the Senate.

This is all right on the heels of Team Biden slighting Kamala at their ceremonial signing of the infrastructure bill. Kamala herself worked on this bill, but the White House seems to have forgotten.

The truth is that Kamala is hanging out way below Biden on approval ratings. She’s just as bad as Joe or worse when it comes to completing the duties of her job, blunders, gaffes and laughing at inappropriate times.

Some rumors are even saying that Biden might send Harris to the Supreme Court if one of their seats become available, so that he’s able to get a new Vice President to stand at his side. Though we can’t imagine many worse things happening, it definitely seems possible and even plausible at this point, given her failings as the Vice President.

The White House itself is trying to keep this on the downlow, though. Psaki tweeted about how Harris remains a ‘vital partner’ to the President. Defensive, much? Thou doth protest too much, we think.

Author: Jordan Bunyan