White House Scrambles As Landmark Court Decision Targets Their Agenda

Biden and his administration are in meltdown-mode as the Supreme court is about to potentially chip away or reverse the landmark Roe v. Wade case from 1973 regarding abortion. The justices are busy decided whether or not it is constitutional for a law in Mississippi to ban pregnancy termination after 15 weeks.

The majority has already stated they are likely to uphold the law in Mississippi during oral arguments that occurred on Wednesday. Abortion ‘activists’ have been rattled by the news, but Democrats are certain this will help boost their party in the elections for the midterm.

Roe v Wade established that women who were pregnant have rights under the constitution to choose to abort their unborn child. If the Supreme Court undermines or overturns this case, it could potentially derail the aspirations of Republicans to take over the Senate and House in the 2022 election cycle, at least according to one Democrat consultant.

The consultant, Christopher Hahn, says that if the court does choose to undermine the case, every Democrat and the White House itself needs to consider this to be a decision by the ‘Republican Court.’ He says Republicans should have to answer for the action of the courts.

Hahn says that Democrats need to make sure that their pro-abortion stances are clear, because this case, if overturned, could case women and in particular, young women, to come and to vote in record high numbers.

Democrats have no qualms now about their support of killing unborn children. They no longer use phrases like ‘reproductive rights’ to discuss the sensitive topic. Even Biden is open about his pro-abortion stance. Biden, who is the 2nd catholic to serve in the White House, has even had trouble with his catholic bishops, who have denied him from taking communion of the abortion issue and his support of it.

The White House has been relatively quiet about the matter, but Psaki did say that women should have the right to legal and safe abortion. Democrats continue to push their arguments that abortion is okay, and that women need to be able to terminate pregnancy to further their life goals and succeed in life. Not exactly a compelling argument to Amy Barrett, who is a mother of seven and a Supreme Court Justice.

We’ll let Democrats do their best though, as they try to push more and more immorality into the American public and normalize literal murder.

Author: Michelle James