White House Proves It Has No Idea How The Economy Works

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made a lousy effort at explaining away Democrat President Joe Biden’s runaway inflation earlier this week, particularly over the matter of meat prices which have jumped exponentially since he took term. Psaki claims that the only reason she can imagine for increasing prices is “corporate greed.”

Psaki said that Biden and his Secretary of Agriculture have come to the conclusion that “the greed of the meat conglomerates” is solely to blame for increased pricing, not the supply chain issues, not the war on energy carried out by the Biden Administration, not the trillions of dollars heaped onto the national debt and injected into the U.S. economy. Nope, instead it can all be accounted for by mere corporate greed from companies whose stock is falling by the minute as the meat industry scrambles to keep up with Biden’s complete inability to stabilize the U.S. economy.

On every issue imaginable, the White House is in complete denial about the reality, and the cost of their pointless inflation’s impact on American families. They are so callous about it that they are still willfully cancelling pipelines, raising taxes on natural gas, and spending trillions in taxpayer dollars on solar and wind projects to benefit the uber-wealthy and upper class who can afford to buy fancy new electric cars.

Hardworking Americans are suffering at the pump and at the grocer as their ever-diminishing dollar fails to bring home as much bacon while wages have simultaneously flatlined in all but the lowest wage sectors.

To shift the blame to “corporate greed” is complete cowardice and blindness.

Author: James Patton