White House Officially Using Propaganda To Conceal Biden’s Disaster

CNN’s Oliver Darcy and Brian Stetler revealed recently that the White House is conducting press briefings where they coach reporters on how to ‘correctly’ cover news regarding the economy. Efforts to put a positive spin on President Biden’s failing economy “have been productive” according to the CNN newsletter.

Leading the charge of Biden’s Stalinesque reshaping of the narrative are Bharat Ramamurti and David Kamin, both Deputy Directors for the National Economic Council. They are aided ny John Porcari, the Ports Envoy. Reporters Stetler and Darcy report that Biden’s henchmen are pushing a “basic argument” that the economy is in a better place today than it was the same time last year.

The newsletter expressly point out how Biden’s new propaganda officials “have been discussing with newsrooms” about flipping the narrative on “job creation, economic growth, supply chains.”

Though the White House officials have had some apparent luck in persuading newsrooms in mainstream media, their surface-level claim leaves out very significant context. For one, none of the coronavirus vaccines available now were released as of this time last year, furthermore, onerous economic restrictions were the primary method of mitigation for containing spread at that time. We’re also well past the initial job loss onslaught that nationwide lockdowns brought to the country in March of last year.

While unemployment rates have continued to slowly decline in the last year, job growth has reliably failed to meet expectations, and inflation, a direct consequence of Biden’s economic policies, is now at the highest level seen in decades.

Economic woes have plagued the Biden presidency since shortly after its inauguration, and are largely responsible for the President’s shockingly low approval ratings so early in his term. Biden’s approval rating, according to an average from FiveThrityEight, ranks him at a mere 42.8 percent, showing that he has already lost all political inertia.

On Monday, Stetler complied with the White House’s wishes by pushing a column by Dana Milbank on the Washington Post that decried the media for being too harsh on the administration. Milbank argued that the media should refrain from being “adversarial” with the Biden administration, since despite his failings, he’s still a better president than Trump.

It’s a wonder how these reporters sleep at night.

Author: Adrian Parks