White House Handlers Call On “Dr.” Jill To Revamp Biden’s Public Image

Joe Biden is in serious need of a revamp if he hopes to win reelection — that is if he survive the first term.

First Lady Jill Biden is unquestionably guilty of elder abuse in the way she carries Joe Biden along through his speaking engagements when really the sleepy guy should be at home in Delaware enjoying his retirement.

However, she’s begun attending and even speaking at the cognitively deficient president events in an attempt to lighten Joe’s image and present a different face to the American people.

[source: Breitbart]

Earlier this week, the fake doctor joined Joe Biden for a trip out of Washington, DC, taking the stage for an unusually defensive speech about her husband.

The First Lady began her speech recalling Inauguration Day when she watched Joe Biden take the oath of office just a year ago.

“In that moment, he was the man I fell in love with so many years ago,” she recalled, joining her husband to address a small crowd.

The president reacted visibly with surprise to her comment, prompting the crowd to burst into laughter, interrupting the first lady’s speech.

“I guess I don’t tell him enough,” she replied after Biden tried to approach her for a hug.

Looking back to Biden’s inauguration, Jill Biden recalled how she felt about her husband that day.

Lest we forget, recent polling shows 54%of Americans do not think Biden has the mental sharpness to serve as president.

She painted a picture of Biden as a heroic historical figure who saved America from the “four years of chaos” of former President Donald Trump.

“[A]s Joe stood there, shoulders back, eyes shining with fierce optimism, I could see his determination to bring us together to lead us forward to a better America,” she recalled.

She spoke about how Biden healed his broken family after a deadly car accident, commuted back and forth on a train to Delaware during his long career as a United States senator.

“He was the senator who learned that you know to get up when he got knocked down and fight even harder for what he knows is right,” she boasted.

The First Lady also recalled Biden’s “steadfast council” for eight years as vice president for former President Barack Obama.

She praised Biden’s leadership in his first year as president, as her speech sounded almost as if she was campaigning for her husband’s re-election.

Jill Biden praised her husband for his global leadership, describing him as “unshakable.”

“He is unshakable despite deep divides at home and abroad,” she said. “He knows how to bring people together, how to rally the world when tyrants reach for power.”

She reassured the audience Biden was uniquely focused on their problems from the moment he woke up every morning to the moment he went to bed.

“All he thinks about is to how to make life better for you and your family, it’s just who he is,” she said. “It’s who he’s always been. He will never stop working for you. He will never stop fighting for you.”

Undoubtedly this will have little or no impact on how Americans feel about the cognitively deficient president.


Author: Monica Hedren