‘We Can Fix It’: Donald Trump Offers Glimpse Into 2024 Campaign

Like it or not, the United States desperately needs President Donald Trump.
This country needed him in 2020 as well but “certain circumstances” prevented his reelection, which is exactly why we find ourselves in such a state of disarray.
As it turns out, a party that’s willing to steal a presidential election isn’t necessarily concerned with the will of the people. They are similarly not concerned with the prosperity of America since their loyalties lie with globalist world governments, proven undoubtedly with Biden’s undying support for Zelensky and Ukraine.
Former President Donald Trump is on the road, doing what he does best, which at this point offers a necessary contrast to the gaffe-ridden mental case currently residing in the White House.
Trump appeared in Michigan on Saturday, one of the hotbeds of voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election, to fire up yet another crowd in response to Biden’s utter failures.
During his rally speech, Trump inched closer than ever to announcing his 2024 presidential campaign. His speech was that of a Former President, or a candidate, as it was a truly inspiring contrast to the gray bleakness of Biden’s America; it was hopeful.
Trump is an expert at capturing the general consensus, the vibe of the country if you will. He hit the nail on the head during Saturday’s rally when he diagnosed the American people as “low” and “so dejected” since Joe Biden assumed office.
 “I don’t think we’ve ever had a time in our country where we felt so low, so dejected. What’s going on is absolutely unacceptable.”

He also hit upon some familiar themes including this year’s midterm elections, which he noted will provide Republicans with a good opportunity to retake control of Congress and essentially make Biden a lame-duck president for the final two years of his current term.

The current president’s significant mental decline was also brought up during the rally on Saturday. Trump noted Biden’s continued cognitive deficiencies highlighted by Joe’s recent trip to Europe in which he embarrassed the United States on the world stage.

We’re living through the most dangerous period of our lifetime. And we have a president who has no idea what’s going on. He has no idea what he’s doing, and he’s got no idea what he’s saying or where he is,” Trump said.

“Historians will record this period of history as a catastrophic low point, and a stain upon our once-great reputation,” Trump noted at another point during his speech. “It’s stained. But we’ll get rid of that stain.

Trump discussed many topics during his two-hour-long rally in Michigan, but the exact quotes or video clips are not what’s important right now.

The United States must elect Donald Trump and other America First candidates if we hope to survive the coming years of globalist consolidation and European-like hegemony with the rest of the “western democratic” world.

We’re dealing with Good vs Evil at this point — and we need a fighter if the good of America has any chance.

Author: Nolan Sheridan