[WATCH] Trump Shocks Rock Audience With Surprise Video

Donald Trump has solidified himself as America’s single-greatest counter-cultural figure in modern history. From his experience in reality TV, movies, and pop culture, to his business acumen and politics, Donald Trump’s influence runs the gamut.

Trump’s popularity amongst certain groups speaks to the kind of politician and person he truly is. America’s working class, your average citizen who enjoys rock music, sports, and ultimate fighting; the family man who wants to earn a living without woke interference; that’s who gravitates to Donald Trump.

Speaking of rock music, the Former President shocked an entire stadium of concertgoers when musician and supporter Kid Rock debuted a video featuring Trump.

Like magic, Trump appeared on a giant screen via video message. He urged concertgoers to keep loving one another [and to] fight for our God-given freedoms” before donning a remixed version of his “Make America Great Again” cap.

Who’s the last Democrat that had anything to say about ‘love’ in their political messaging?

There isn’t one — all they know is hate.

“Most of all, let’s make America rock again!” Trump said as he put on a hat with the revised slogan embroidered in white.

Trump jokingly poked fun at Kid Rock for his less-than-stellar golf game before praising his musical talent.

“Not the best golfer by any means,” Trump teased. “His golf game could use a little work, but a great, great entertainer.”

Kid Rock recently spent some time with Donald Trump on the golf course. Rock has been a vocal supporter of the Former President since day one, always encouraging his fans at concerts and on social media to support Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda.

In a recent interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Rock said Trump asked for his opinion on whether he should tweet about destroying the Islamic State group’s caliphate.

The performer told Carlson that Trump suggested tweeting something along the lines of, “You’re going to be dead,” for joining the caliphate.

The finalized tweet that ended up being sent was reworded and more “politically correct,” Rock clarified.

Rock also told Carlson that his attitude makes him “uncancelable” in a culture that tries to “cancel” him anyway.

Everyone on the Right would be wise to adopt Mr. Rock’s attitude vis-à-vis the left-wing habit of “canceling” people who don’t fit their idea of politically acceptable.

Never comply and never accept their premises. Lest we forget, these people are evil!

Author: Asa McCue