Watch This Biological Male Crush The Women’s Swim Team In The Name Of Equality

Just another example of why woke policies don’t work in the real world. Back at the beginning of December, Lia Thomas, who is biologically a man, and is also on the women’s swim team at the University of Pennsylvania, completely crushed all the other women who were competing with him at Akron University’s Zippy Invitation. He destroyed the women during the 1650 free, taking the win by more than 38 seconds of the woman who finished second. He took the 500 free by 12 second more than the second-place finishing woman and he took the 200 free by another seven seconds. These wins set new records for Penn and also set new records for the meet and the pool itself.

There’s now a video of him taking the win on the 1650, which shows just how lopsided this competition was with Thomas in it. Thomas swam on the men’s team competitively for over three years before he decided to switch to women’s swim. He’s left the women swimmers behind in the dust, as if they aren’t in the same swim race as him.

Here’s a video to show you how obnoxious it really is to have ‘Lia’ crushing the female competitors by a whopping 40 seconds.

Thomas said during an interview with the Swim magazine, Swim Sam, that before he started his transitioning process, he wasn’t sure if he was going to have a future in swimming, and really wasn’t sure if he’d be able to continue swimming at all. When asked about how he felt about breaking all the swimming records for women, he didn’t mention the girls who were far behind himself. He says t hat he was proud of is time and his ability to continue swimming and competing. He said his coaches are happy with his times, and so his he.

Another member of the swim team, however, said that Thomas was bragging about his win. Apparently saying it was so easy that he felt like he was just cruising. He said he was disappointed in his time on the 500 free-style, but at least he’s still #1 in the country.

The other women on the team said they feel very discouraged because no matter what they do, there’s no chance at winning against Thomas.

Author: Janet Neal