Watch Joe Rogan Slay CNN For Lying About This COVID Treatment

There’s no denying that Joe Rogan is becoming increasingly popular among conservatives these days. His witty banter and attacks against the left have given him rising star status in the political world, and yesterday was no different when the UFC analyst, comedian and world-class podcaster hosted Dr. Sanja Gupta, a top CNN host on his podcast show.

During the tell-all interview, Rogan annihilated Gupta over the continued lies that CNN anchors spread about him using Ivermectin to treat the Coronavirus when he had it. The discussion happened at Rogan’s studio in Texas, and you can see Gupta squirming about in his chair while Rogan repeatedly lashes him with questions as to why he, as a doctor, never corrected the untrue claims that the medicine Ivermectin was used only as a dewormer for horses.

He straight up asked Gupta whether he thought it was an issue that his network is constantly lying. And pointed out that they lied about Rogan taking dewormer for horses, when it fact, the ivermectin was prescribed to him by his doctor.

Gupta responded by saying his colleagues shouldn’t have been calling it that.

Rogan was quick to follow up with more questions about why they did that, why the doctor didn’t ask them and why he wouldn’t stop them from defaming his name and telling lies.

Rogan contracted the coronavirus back in September. Rogan has been publicly anti-vaccine over the past year. He took quite a few treatments for the virus and recovered quickly from the Wuhan disease despite his vaccination status.

Although liberal media sources are trying their best to hide it, Ivermectin took the Nobel Prize back in 2015 and is widely credited for saving the lives and helping billions around the world with a large number of infections.

It’s not just been used for farm animals. It is incredibly effective at treating parasite infections in humans and is also used to treat parasitic diseases, even diseases like Malaria. The liberal media has demonized its use among conservatives calling it horse wormer as a derogatory term to further divide Republicans and Democrats.

Here’s the clip from Rogan’s show:

Author: Weston Jessop