Watch: Jill Biden Forced To Lead Biden Off Stage Like a Toddler

No matter how hard the White House administration tries, they can’t hide the fact that Job Biden is becoming more and more feeble. This was particularly obvious on Wednesday after the ailing President gave a speech about his “Cancer Moonshot” revamping initiative. The initiative aims to decrease the number of deaths from cancer in the U.S. and support cancer victims and their families with increased funding into research and resources. While there’s nothing particularly odd about that, what is odd is what happened after Biden gave his speech.

After completing his remarks, it appeared that Biden became so confused that he couldn’t find his way after leaving the podium. He first wandered off in the incorrect direction, then turned back to shake the hand of several different officials in attendance before he was reminded by Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota, to put his mask back on. In the end, Biden was guided off the state with some help from his wife and first lady, Jill Biden.

The response to Biden’s obvious decline both physically and mentally has been staggering on social media, especially on Twitter. People were quick to point out that in addition to feebly being led off the stage, Biden also did his creepy whispering thing again during the speech. Someone in the White House needs to ask him to stop that.

Then he doesn’t even have the mental acuity to remember to put his mask on while shaking the hands of the officials in attendance. It seriously took the first lady of the United States to come to his rescue and help him find his way off the stage. She held his hand like a toddler who’s afraid to get lost in the grocery store as he shuffled his feet off the stage, obviously at risk of losing all his balance.

It’s probably fairly obvious how this is a major problem, even one of national security. The weakness Biden shows put America more and more at risk of foreign foes acting on that weakness. Everyone knows Russia is already chomping at the bit, and China isn’t far behind. How much more will it take for Democrats to realize Biden isn’t capable of running this country?

Author: Judy Pierson