[WATCH] DeSantis Goes Full Boss Mode On Group Of Masked Teenagers

While the liberal (evil) side of social media is railing against Gov. Ron DeSantis, calling him a bully for daring to stand up against COVID theatrics, the rest of us are rooting him on, completely enamored by the way he consistently speaks truth to power both in government and in phony “public health” circles.

DeSantis is on fire, catching heat from the online left for the way he spoke to a group of masked teenage kids during a public speaking event. The rock star Florida Republican, with a stern and pointed tone, addressed the teens and asked them not to participate in “COVID theater” ahead of a press conference at a University on Wednesday.

The beginning of the DeSantis’ press conference shows the popular governor addressing a group of teenagers standing behind the podium. DeSantis can be heard saying, “We’ve got to stop with this COVID theater. If you want to wear it, it’s fine, but this is ridiculous,” referring to their masks.

His frustration was apparent. After he addressed the masked teens, DeSantis turned around, approached the podium, and sighed deeply before continuing with the press conference. The governor’s consternation worked because at least four of the people wearing masks proceeded to remove them; you could tell they didn’t want to be muzzled in the first place.

You have to watch this:

Lockdown leftists and COVID liberals have attacked Gov. DeSantis since pandemic measures began taking affect. He’s consistently been a pillar of liberty amongst a sea of tyranny, which placed a giant target on his back for Biden and other liberals to take aim. Still, Florida was on par (or faired better) than every state of the union without demanding citizens fork over their basic liberties.

He’s also repeatedly called out liberal hypocrisy for enjoying Florida’s freedoms when it came time for their summer vacations only to return home and continue encroaching on individual rights. The likes of AOC – and others – are amongst the biggest hypocrites who soaked up the sun in Florida before returning to tyranny in their home states.

DeSantis has even proposed a “Workers’ Bill of Rights” to combat forced masking enforced by employers.

“Force-masking employees for the appearance of safety is not a sufficient justification. COVID theater has no place in Florida,” he said over the weekend in a video alongside Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, where they discussed Florida’s new coronavirus guidance, which “advises against wearing face coverings in a community setting” and states that Floridians “should not be forced to wear a mask at work.”

However, it appears Democrat officials (even the most strident lockdown liberals) have suddenly changed their tune and are dropping mask requirements in deep blue states.

Just in time for the midterm elections. Go figure!

Author: Monica Hedren