Watch As Joe Biden Displays End-Stage Dementia During Startling Speech

To think this man is considered the so-called “leader of the free world” should be a serious cause for concern for anyone paying attention to the downfall of America over the past 14 months.

Despite what his White House handlers say, Joe Biden is facing serious mental decline. Anyone with two eyes and at least one brain cell can see it for themselves. Since presidents are obligated to speak publicly and give face time to voters, it’s not difficult to see the slow-burning degression of Joe Biden’s mental state.

On Thursday, Biden traveled to Greensboro, North Carolina to give a speech about who knows what.

The cognitively deficient president began losing steam toward the middle of the event and began displaying some seriously troubling behavior.

When the speech ended, Biden turned to his right and put out his hand in thin air for a few moments before turning around and roaming the stage for several seconds. He then proceeded to the other side of the stage to shake hands with attendees in the audience.

He appeared lost, sullen, and completely out of it — unable to find his bearings or even understand where he was at that moment.

The president also unexpectedly turned his back to the audience while telling a story about his father.

“Excuse my back, but I’m look at you,” he said.

Unsurprisingly, social media users were abuzz with concern over Biden’s mental deterioration.

Joe Biden’s mental retardation usurped the subject matter of his speech, the reason why he was in South Carolina in the first place. Apparently, his administration is doing to stop the harrowing effects of inflation, which he attempted to explain to the shocked crowd.  A Bureau of Labor Statistics statement said his speech would “discuss his Administration’s efforts to make more in America, rebuild our supply chains here at home, and bring down costs for the American people as part of Building a Better America.”

Inflation hit a four-decade high Tuesday with the announcement that the March Consumer Price Index soared 8.5%. The White House still holds that this unprecedented and historic rise in inflation is merely “transitory” despite economist predictions.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth