Vicious Rapist Turns Out To Be One Of Biden’s ‘Buddies’

If you needed any more evidence of the depravity that is plaguing the nation thanks to Democrats outlandish policies, look no further than this story. A viscous rapist, who is also an illegal immigrant, isn’t going to get anything more than a wrist slap for him crimes.

Fiston Ngoy allegedly raped a woman on a commuter train in Philadelphia last week, while other passengers on the train did nothing to stop the depraved act. Tucker Carlson’s team investigated Ngoy and discovered that he’s been in the U.S. illegally since back in 2015 when his student visa that he use to come to the U.S. all the way from the Congo became terminated.

Ngoy already has two misdemeanor convictions and multiple arrests, one for sexual abuse and another for controlled substances.

Back in 2017, Ngoy plead guilty to a sexual assault in D.C. and received six months prison time as well as 90 day of probation. He was put on immigration detention in 2018, which means he should be deported.

But back in 2019, liberals on the Immigration Board of Appeals decided his misdemeanor sexual offense wasn’t a ‘serious crime.’ Go figure.

The board decided he could stay in the country as long as he was reporting to the Immigration office under a supervision order.

He’s now accused of the violent rape that occurred last Wednesday.

Tucker Carlson says Ngoy shouldn’t even be here, and should already be deported. He says the only reason he is here is because people who don’t have to ride the train have allowed him to stay.

He says apparently you can just walk into the United States at public expense, mock our laws, get busted for sex crimes and drugs and still not get deported. And then you can rape a woman in public and no one will do anything to stop it from happening.

Police say at least 10 people witnessed the attack, but no one intervened. Instead, people used their phones to take pictures and record the attack.

Ngoy is currently being held in the Delaware County jail and his bail is set for $180,000.

Author: Mandie Collins