Veteran Heroes Built An Underground Railroad To Save The Americans That Biden Abandoned

President Joe Biden kept his word to the Taliban above the interests of hundreds of stranded Americans left in the country. The pullout date was August 31, and Biden kept his promise to the least faithful terrorist group on earth.

A Wall Street Journal article spotlighted one abandoned interpreter who is making pleas to the White House to rescue him. The sick twist is that this particular interpreter personally helped then-Senator Biden during an emergency helicopter landing in a raging snowstorm. Biden forgot this man, and forgot hundreds of Americans and thousands of our Afghan allies as well.

Biden says that he will pursue diplomatic means of getting the remaining U.S. citizens out safely, but without a military presence, he has zero leverage with the radicalized and power-hungry Taliban. All hopes of escaping death by torture were lost to those hundreds of remaining citizens, but a secret network of retired Special Forces that remains behind enemy lines is doing everything they can to rescue those remaining.

Zac Lois, a social studies teacher who was formerly a U.S. Army Green Beret is now helping run an ‘underground railroad’ to get the remaining Americans out of Afghanistan. He explains that they are going to play “the long game” in their rescue efforts, and will ensure that nobody gets left behind.

Lois is accompanied by other American veterans who are now part of the self-dubbed ‘Task Force Pineapple’ which safely smuggles American citizens, Afghan government officials and special forces, and other refugees such as foreign nationals to the Kabul airport for evacuation.

Before the August 31 deadline, Task Force Pineapple had already safely harbored over 1,000 people to the airport that would otherwise have been abandoned in Biden’s hasty and reckless military withdrawal.

Lois explained that the Task Force has a number of “shepherds” whose task is to “guide flocks.” There’s also a great deal of “coaching, teaching, guiding… advising,” for individuals who were formerly soldiers so that they can help in the cause. He added that the U.S. government is aware of their clandestine operation and is in contact with them, helping coordinate to get as many people out of the country safely as possible.

Lois joined the effort personally in the middle of August when he learned that there were difficulties in extracting people such as his former teammates, and had run out of options after encountering “roadblocks” at the level of the State Department or through Congressional Representatives.

He said that the effort will take a long time, and asked for support for the mission.

The private rescue mission is certainly a better deal than anything that could be mustered by Joe Biden. Task Force Pineapple at least doesn’t have any images of people falling from their planes.

It’s shameful that the standing POTUS is being outmatched in rescue efforts by a brave coalition of retired military veterans.

Author: Kyle Lucas