Vaccine Deaths Skyrocket — FDA Forced To Pull This Brand

The FDA and CDC put a halt on Johnson and Johnson’s Coronavirus Vaccine rollout after numerous blood clot incidents in vaccine recipients. Six cases have occurred out of the nearly 7 million doses given.

The adverse reactions seem to be extremely rare, but the blood clot is a different type than regular clots, and treatments may look different than traditional clotting treatments.

The CDC will meet with the Immunization Advisory Committee (ACIP) later this week to review each case and determine their significance. After the investigation is completed, vaccinations will likely resume, depending on the outcome of said investigation.

Johnson and Johnson remains cooperative and concerned with the safety of their consumers, and says they will maintain complete transparency throughout the investigation.

All six cases of clots occurred in women aged 18-48, and symptoms began 6-13 days after vaccination. The clot type is something called a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, and also involves low platelet levels. The delay in rollout is expected to last for a few days before a determination is made.

Author: Cindy Johnson

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