USPS Caught Running Covert Spy Operation

A secret document was recently leaked from Yahoo News revealing that the US Postal Service is running a secret tracking program which collects and tracks Americans’ social media posts. Particularly, they are seeking information about planned protests.

The surveillance program is run by the law enforcement branch of USPS, and is known as iCOP, short for Internet Covert Operations Program. According to Yahoo’s reporting, the agency has never before been known to the public.

The report says that the job of iCOP is to “trawl through social media sites” seeking out “inflammatory” content and sharing those findings with other government agencies.

The agency is known to have monitored activity leading to planned protests both domestic and international.

Agents act as moles, scanning through information such as right-wing bent Parler and Telegram sites.

Experts were stunned upon hearing the news, raising pertinent questions such as why would the USPS be in charge of monitoring internet posts that exist outside of the postal system. Experts also expressed their belief that other federal agencies should be responsible for this type of task. The fact that USPS would be using their dwindling finances for such a project is dumbfounding.

Individuals known to be plotting criminal activity online falls under the purview of the FBI. Monitoring the free speech of ordinary individuals, even if their language is objectionable, is potentially grounds for a constitutionally based lawsuit.

Author: Preston Holmes

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