US Army Seeks Reversal of Failed Gender-Neutral Test

The Pentagon is seeking to redact the Army’s latest “gender-neutral” physical fitness test for all soldiers because over half of the female soldiers cannot pass.

The Telegraph reported on Saturday that the Army is now seeking “different evaluation categories” for differently gendered people. How about that? A Pentagon study noted that 65% of women were unable to pass the Army Combat Fitness Test, while 90% of male soldiers pass.

In response, Congress has issued a halt on the new test while the military investigates whether or not the test is fair.

The test consists of six events, with a possible max score of 600 and a score of 360 to pass. A standing power throw, a spring, maximum deadlift, hand-release pushups, leg tuck, drag and carry and a two-mile run. The Telegraph notes that soldiers with exceptional scores are “more likely to be promoted.”

Women’s average scores are 100 points lower than the men’s.

An anonymous Army official spoke to and said that it’s necessary to find a way to “make [the test] fair to both genders.”

One proposed solution would be to create “gender-specific” percentile brackets. Breaking down the top contenders for each gender.

The spokesperson said that evaluators would only see “which percentile the soldier falls into,” and that “the gender identity” would not be available to the evaluators.

The Army’s first female infantry officer, Captain Kristen Griest, went on the record in February. According to Griest, the test should not be segregated by gender, but “should be scored the same.” She explains that the test is not supposed to ensure that an equal number of both genders pass, but rather is supposed to measure the “objective physical standards” which every soldier must meet “regardless of gender.”

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