Unvaccinated Man Vows To ‘Die Free’ After Hospital Refuses To Treat Him

One man from North Carolina is ready is willing to face death for his freedom as a hospital refuses to give him the kidney transplant he so desperately needs. Is he a drinker? A criminal? A man devoid of morals? No, the reason he can’t get a transplant is because he refuses to get vaccinated, and is being denied solely for that reason.

Chad Carswell, the man who needs the transplant, says, “”I was born free. I will die free. I’m not changing my mind. I’ve had conversations with my family and everybody that’s close to me. They know where I stand, and it’ll not be a situation that occurs that I will choose to change my mind on this topic.”

Carswell has already had previous heart surgeries and is also a double amputee. He needs the kidney transplant because his kidney is only operating at 4%, which requires him to need dialysis 3x weekly.

Friends and locals businesses in the area have already raised the funds he needs for the surgery, and over 100 people already offered to give one of their own kidneys up so that he can live.

Winston-Salem’s Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Hospital refuses to do the surgery though, saying that he and whoever donates the kidney must be fully vaccinated before they will move forward with his transplant.

While referring to a conversation he had in the hospital with the doctor, Carswell said, “He said, ‘The last thing we need to talk about is your vaccination status. That’s when I politely told him there was nothing really to talk about it, it wasn’t up for debate, and that I wasn’t getting it. Then, he told me, ‘You know you’ll die if you don’t get it.’ And I said, ‘I’m willing to die.’”

Carswell says he has already had t he virus twice and thinks getting vaccinated is a personal choice, and shouldn’t be a requirement.

The hospital said the following about this case, “The reason it is recommended is to provide protection for the patient. Transplant patients are at high risk for severe illness if they don’t have preexisting immunity prior to being transplanted.”

Carswell is trying to find other local hospitals who will complete the surgery.

Author: Timothy Lieberstein