Under Attack: Biden Already Regretting His Executive Order

Numerous Governors announced that they are taking action against Biden after he officially revealed his plan of attack on the Second Amendment.

Biden announced that he’s going after pistol braces, ghost guns and “red flag” legislation. These actions are, of course, fueled by completely false claims and “facts.” What’s more is that this brazen attack on the constitution is actually consistent with treason. Treason by the President of the United States, what a chapter for the history books.

Biden’s Press Secretary, Psaki, announced that these won’t be the only actions either, and that this is just the beginning of Biden’s Second Amendment destruction tactics.

But have no fear, the conservatives are here. Multiple US governors gave Biden immediate pushback and threatened him with action on their parts.

Multiple states are going into sanctuary mode. Texas, Alaska, Arizona South Dakota, Idaho and Wyoming all hit back hard on the President, and it won’t be long before other states follow in their footsteps. One thing’s for sure, if Biden keeps that up, the US will be on the brink of civil war before he finishes out his term.

Author: Gregg Sanders

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