Ukraine Spews Venom At Biden And His Wishy-Washy Stance On Russia

It seems like at this point, Biden is somehow capable of angering every leader in the world almost every time he opens his mouth, and today was no different. On Monday, Biden urged American diplomats and families to flee Ukraine to get ahead of a likely invasion of the country from Russia. Ukrainian leaders responded rapidly and harshly to Biden’s claims, and it did not go over well.

BuzzFeed News says that a source that’s close to Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, says that Zelensky doesn’t feel like there’s any imminent threat in Kyiv and that the administration’s claims are false.

Zelensky said he is disappointed that the United States was the 1st to make this announcement and that he’s disappointed by it. He also said that he believes Americans would be safer in Kyiv than they would be in Los Angeles or in any of the other crime-ridden cities the US has.

These statements from Zelensky come as Russia has placed more than 100k troops near Ukraine’s border in the last few weeks, though the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is continuing to deny that Russia is preparing to attack. Joe Biden, however, says that an invasion is likely going to happen.

In anticipation of this attack, the state Department under Biden ordered the evacuation of diplomats and their families and authorized some U.S. employees of the government to leave the area, noting that Russia could make a move at any time.

These warnings from the U.S. were characterized by officials in Ukraine as “utterly ridiculous.” They also say these warnings are just symbolic of “US inconsistency.”

Biden also put 8,500 troops on high alert on Monday, ready for deployment to Europe, in direct response to the fear-mongering of Russia.

This is the second time in less than a week that officials from Ukraine have criticized President Biden. Biden’s inconsistency is probably a big part of that. He downplayed the consequences of a Russian invasion into Ukraine last week during a press conference, but now he thinks Putin is going to start a war.

Zelensky said that Biden’s press conference comments basically gave Putin a green light to attack. He also reminded the power that is that Ukraine is no small nation, and any incursion on their country would lead to many casualties.

Author: Joey Baker