Uh-Oh: Biden’s Trail Of Lies Finally Catches Up With Him

Long before Biden was elected to the office of president, if one was to look up the term “career politician” in any reference source, there was a very good likelihood that Joe Biden’s picture would appear alongside the definition. Even if not, at least his name would be amongst the top five on anybody’s guess list.

We all witnessed Biden abandon positions he’s held for almost half a century in the name of political expediency to win the 2020 presidential campaign. He reversed course on defining issues, such as health care, energy, abortion, and the leftists’ most recent obsession with radical social reform. The climactic moment of Biden’s transformation came when he called the country he’s so long represented “systemically racist,” a phrase that we never could have expected “Scranton Joe” to utter 47 years ago when he entered politics.

But despite Biden’s cozying to radical progressives such as naked Socialists like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, or anti-Semitic cranks like ‘squad’ members Ilhan Omar or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, he’s failed to deliver on many key promises made to the Democrats who worked so hard to fraudulently elect him to power.

When seeking the presidency, Biden promised to prohibit fracking outright, posing a major threat to the energy industry. After getting into power, and having softened his radically progressive base, he stealthily replaced his ban position regarding fracking with a ban against “new fracking” on federally controlled land.

Biden also campaigned on a promise to bring an end to fossil fuels, but that has been changed as well to the more realistic promise of “phasing them out,” over a completely unspecified timetable.

Biden has also made empty promises to create a taxpayer-funded health care system for illegal immigrants, an elimination to “children in cages” at the southern border, and the promise to have 70% of the country vaccinated by Independence Day. On all fronts he has failed, and in some cases not even tried.

Biden couldn’t even give Americans COVID relief checks for the amount he promised, originally stating that every person would receive $2000, but that amount got shot down by 30% to $1400.

While some politicians could be excused for having a degree of naiveté, Biden has served in Washington as both a vice president and Senator for longer than the majority of the country has been alive. Biden knows what policies have a realistic chance and which are fanciful, and he plays his sycophantic band of Democrat cronies along with promises he knows he can never deliver on.

Biden is a liar through and through. If he can’t talk straight with his own party, then can anyone trust him?

Author: Felicia Hubbard