U.S. Tragedy Reveals Biden’s Greatest Flaw And DeSantis’ Greatest Strength

When leaders are faced with adversity, their true ability to take responsibility for a situation reveals itself. The recent collapse of the Surfside, Florida condominium is teaching the public every day just how much President Joe Biden merely relies on baseless media talking points such as climate change and also how independent-thinking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is in managing the same crisis.

The official victim count of the June 24 condominium collapse rose to 24 individuals as of Saturday, and searchers are still attempting to find 124 people reported as missing. As the country mourns the continually rising death toll, the media is spinning the entire affair into a progressive talking point about the “climate crisis,” and lazy political pundits such as Biden are quick to adopt the line.

On Thursday, President Biden himself said on television that climate change contributed to the building’s collapse. The quote reads like the usual word-casserole that marks the senile leader’s speaking ability, which I’ll save you, but to paraphrase he highlighted that families of victims and others around him claim that rising water levels due to global warming were responsible.

Biden’s gesture toward climate change as the culprit in the event is part of the usual mass media spin to turn every ill and ailment in the world into either a consequence of “climate change” or Trump. The “climate change” narrative was most loudly broadcast by CNN when Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm gave credence to the idea with her own public comments.

The American public called CNN’s partisan coverage of the incident as “ghoulish,” but that didn’t stop mainstream media from running wild with even more baseless assertions. Time magazine quickly jumped on the bandwagon with a piece about how global warming is linked to the condominiums collapse, Rolling Stone joined the thrall as well, and even The Washington Post couldn’t resist getting in on the action.

But while leftist media, Biden, and even his own energy secretary point to an invisible boogeyman as the cause of the tragedy, Governor DeSantis has a completely different way of managing the problem.

DeSantis by comparison is the loudest voice of reason in this tumultuous time. He actively pushed back against attempts to turn the tragedy into a political talking point, and demonstrated how irresponsible it is to leap to a conclusion about the cause until the situation has undergone investigation.

When asked about whether climate change was a “viable” explanation for the incident, he calmly responded that he didn’t believe there was “any evidence” to support the claim.

On Fox News, DeSantis decried attempts to use the tragedy in order “to advance [a] pre-existing agenda,” stating that what’s needed are “facts,” and “truth.” Without actually understanding what caused the collapse, there’s no way of knowing how to protect people in similar living circumstances, he pointed out.

DeSantis kept his focus on the safety of his constituents, while Biden was distracted with an opportunity to push a tired progressive agenda. Who would you rather have at the helm of America?

Author: Andy Thornton