U.S. Takes Home Gold Medal In The Woke Olympics

Well, it’s official. The liberals have taken over every branch of the American government. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof… The United States just issues the first passport with a gender designation of ‘X’ for those who just don’t ‘identify’ as a male or as a female.

According to Democrats and lib-tards alike, this is a huge milestone in the fight for the rights of those who just aren’t a male or female, and the U.S. expects to offer this option for gender more broadly coming next year, according to the state department.

The sate department didn’t identify the first recipient, but a Dana ZZyym who is an intersex person from Colorado, said to the Associated Press that they had received the passport. Zzyym uses gender-neutral pronouns and has been fighting a legal battle to obtain a passport that was gender-neutral since 2015.

Zzyym picked their package up with the new passport after a text from their lawyer told them it had arrived. Zzyym stayed up late partying and celebrating an awareness day for intersex people with two other activists.

Zzyym, 63, said they are thrilled to get the passport finally, but that the main goal is to help the upcoming generation of people who are intersex get recognition as citizens with rights, not to travel the world.

Zzyym says they are a human being, not a problem, and that’s the point.

Zzyym entered this world with sexual characteristics that are ambiguous but they were raised as a boy by their parents. Zzyym had multiple surgeries to help Zzyym appear to be a male. They even served as a male in the Navy, but later identified as intersex during their time studying and working at CSU. Zzyym wasn’t able to attend two Intersex International meetings because they couldn’t get a passport with the appropriate gender.

The state department is continuing to work on providing this option for people that are intersex, nonbinary or transgender. They say that people who are able to reflect their true identity on national documents live with greater respect and dignity. That this is a way of uplifting and affirming the rights of those that are nonconforming when it comes to gender.

Apparently, security issues are not a concern.

Author: Lisa Nordmeyer