U.S. Officials Warn ‘We’re Too Late’ To Stop World War III

As China continues to gear up for a global war of conquest, U.S. officials continue to sound the alarm about the preparations they are seeing, and warning that there will be grave ramifications for the U.S. as a seemingly inevitable war looms closer.

Rear Admiral Mike Studemen, the East Asian command’s top intelligence officer spoke last week saying that China is presenting “danger on all fronts,” warning that military aggression from the Chinese government is not solely targeted against Taiwan but elsewhere, concerning U.S. officials.

He said that attempts to boil down the militarism to “only a Taiwan scenario… is a failure in understanding.” He warns that the Chinese government is “being highly assertive” in “many other areas,” and suggested that Taiwan may not even be the most likely target as China pressures it’s many neighbors.

When asked about a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, Studeman said that “it’s only a matter of time,” because China won’t be able to force the country’s surrender through “economic… and diplomatic influence alone.”

Studeman warns that U.S. officials describe the current path to war with China in the same manner as General Douglas McArthur described the wind up that lead to World War II. He says that now it is “too late… too late in [realizing] the deadly purpose of [China], too late in realizing… mortal danger.”

Studeman believes that China’s aim is to surpass the U.S. as the world’s leading super power, and called the Chinese dictator Xi Jingping “Machiavellian,” having led the country to its successes “through lying, cheating and stealing.”

He added that China seeks to control entire populations, and to see how they plan to do it, look no further than Hong Kong as a foreshadowing of “Chinese effective control.”

Studeman’s remarks come shortly after Xi spoke during the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, claiming that the country is actively working to “accelerate… modernization programs” in order to “seize Taiwan.”

U.S. envoy to Geneva’s Conference on Disarmament, Ambassador Robert Wood, warned last week that China is developing advanced nuclear weapons systems that surpass what the U.S. currently has, such as “nuclear-powered underwater drones,” as well as “nuclear-powered cruise missiles.” Wood warned that if China’s development of these weapons is successful, that it would grant them enormous strategic advantages in war.

Satellite images reveal that China is building hundreds of intercontinental nuclear missile silos deep inside of the country where they are difficult to reach and destroy, but that can strike nearly anywhere on the globe.

Author: Harvey Williams