U.S. Naval Warship Stuck In Port After Crew Gets 100% Vaccinated

An American Navy warship had to delay plans to deploy to South America last week following an outbreak of Omicron COVID-19 amongst its entirely vaccinated crew, further underscoring the danger of the new variant and the ineffectiveness of Big Pharma’s vaccines.

The littoral combat ship, USS Milwaukee, remains docked at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay after many of its sailors tested positive for COVID-19, though few showed symptoms and those were very mild, according to a U.S. Navy announcement released last week.

The release explained that all diseased sailors have been isolated on ship away from their fellow crew members. They also explained that the ship’s crew is completely vaccinated and that “a portion of those infected… exhibited mild symptoms.”

The Naval report adds that “the vaccine… demonstrate[s] effectiveness against serious illness.”

The Navy has passed its November 28 deadline for every service member to get completely immunized against COVID-19, which over 98% of active-duty sailors have complied with, according to recent data.

The Navy did not specify how many of the ship’s crew had tested positive for the virus. The ship holds just over 100 people, and according to the Navy, is currently “following an aggressive mitigation strategy” that combines techniques from the CDC and Naval experts.

The USS Milwaukee started its deployment on December 14 from Mayport Florida, and planned to enter the U.S. Southern Command area until the outbreak occurred.

The first major COVID-19 outbreak amongst military members happened early in 2020, when aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt was forced to remain in Guam for nearly two months after over a fifth of its crew tested positive for the virus. At the time, one sailor aboard the ship perished from the illness.

Author: Kimberly Stewart