U.S. Military Has Enough Of Biden’s Betrayals — Launches Full-Scale Rebellion

The Oklahoma National Guard has a new leader, and he says that none of the organization’s members will be required to obey Democrat President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The policy is a direct contradiction of the Biden administration’s military vaccine mandate.

Adjunct General Thomas Mancino issued an order that does not require Guardsmen to receive the COVID-19 vaccine unless they are federally mobilized. No legal or administration action will be taken against Guardsmen that refuse the vaccine. Oklahoma command is continuing to process waivers for the federal vaccine mandate in accordance with policy from the Department of Defense.

Republican governor Kevin Stitt recently gave the appointment of Adjunct General to Mancino as a replacement for former Adjunct General Michael Thompson who has led Oklahoma’s National Guard since 2017. Thompson, by contrast, supported widespread vaccination for Guardsmen with rare exception.

Mancino said in a statement that the “policy is not anti-vaccine,” and noted that he himself as well as the governor are both vaccinated. He said that he encourages receiving the vaccine, but finds it important that Guardsmen “choose to do so.” Mancino said that he wants Guardsmen to “make an informed decision” in the face of the DoD’s vaccine mandate.

Mancino justifies taking the mandate into his own hands based on the contents of Title 32. According to Title 32, the National Guard is under the control and order of the Governor directly. They only fall under direct leadership of the president if they are mobilized using Title 10.

Mancino says that the move is in step with governor Stitt’s orders, and that to do otherwise would be illegal under Title 32. Mancino notes that the decision neither prevents Guardsmen from receiving the vaccine, nor does it eliminate the Federal requirement.

On October 22, governor Stitt issued and executive order that directly opposed president Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors. Stitt argued that no government should be able to mandate vaccines to free citizens.

One thing’s for sure, if Biden doesn’t stop with these unconstitutional mandates, he’s going to have a full-blown war on his hands. Even from the U.S. military itself.

Author: Jerry Campbell