U.S. Gains Unexpected Ally Amid Probe Against China

The U.S. has a new ally in the search for COVID-19’s origins. British intelligence services have taken up a reassessment of their position regarding the theory that the pandemic originated with China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory.

The Sunday Times of London reported that British spies who were initially dismissive of the lab leak theory now claim that the theory is “feasible.”

The source said that there are “pockets of evidence” that could take them one way or another, but that in either case “The Chinese will lie” and so confirmation will never be possible.

The quote hits papers as both Britain and the United States make demands of the World Health Organization to further investigate possible origins of the virus. That plan includes a revisit of Wuhan, China, where the first infections were discovered.

Chinese experts and the WHO issued a report in March that offered up four hypotheses for how COVID-19 could have emerged. The joint agency team reported that the most likely cause was that a coronavirus transmitted between bats and an intermediary animal, then to humans. They called the prospect of it’s origins in a laboratory “extremely unlikely.”

The Biden administration is demanding that China be more open with their information about the outbreak, hoping to appease Republican senators who criticize the president for being too soft on the issue itself and want an investigation of China’s alleged obstruction of earlier investigations.

Author: Rita Simmons