Two-Face Kamala Harris Adopts Trump’s Methods

Back in 2020, Kamala Harris, then a Senator, was one of 10 Democratic senators who authored a letter to the former DHS Secretary Chad Wolf. The letter accused the Trump administration of being in violation of federal law for using the pandemic as a justification to close the Mexican border.

Now that the shoes is on the other foot however, she is supporting that provision. Politico reported that the Biden administration has continued the Trump-era provision, called Title 42, to seal up the border. The rule allows the government to halt border crossings in the name of preventing COVID outbreaks.

While 60 House Democrats have pressured President Joe Biden to cancel the policy, Biden hasn’t moved on the matter. Harris, once so vocally critical of the measure when used by Trump, is conveniently silent on the matter now that it’s being employed by her team.

The Biden administration extended the border closure until May 21st, a decision which angered Democratic lawmakers and immigration activists.

Representative Frederica Wilson (D-FL) called the employment of Title 42 a “misuse” and said that ending the measure “should be a priority.” She also expressed frustration with the lack of transparency from the Biden administration saying that it was difficult for her to “justify this inaction to my constituents” while the administration offers no “notification [or] explanation.”

Author: Samantha Banks

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