Twitter’s Double-Standard Exposed In The Clearest Way Possible

A conflict between Israel and Palestine is raging as of Tuesday night, and supporters and directors of Hamas terrorism are sending their instructions through Twitter.

The Iranian Hamas sympathizer, donor, and director, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, used the site to post the following.

Within minutes of the terrorist leader’s tweet, IDF reported that sirens were sounding off in Tel Aviv as the city suffered a barrage of rocket fire.

Remember when Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter for allegedly being a “risk of further incitement of violence.”?

Only in this situation, Ayatollah is using Twitter to directly instruct his terrorist organization Hamas as they attack civilians. How is that not considered a blatant incitement of violence?
Just so that the record is clear, this is not a rare and lone case of Ayatollah calling for such action. He has continually used his Twitter account to demand violence against Israel. Here’s just a small sampling of his rhetoric.

Will Twitter take action against Ayatollah as they did Trump? Or do they consider anti-Semitic actions beneath their concern?

Author: Dianne Marshall

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