Twitter Just Took Censorship To a Whole New Level

The Biden administration recently locked the Immigration and Customs Enforcements’ Twittter account for posting information pertinent to public safety.

The Twitter account notified the public about known criminals, but has been shut down directly by the Biden administration.

Representative Andrew Clyde (R-GA) said that the move was bad news for public safety. In his view Biden is placing “open-borders policies over the safety and security of American citizens.”

Jon Feere, previous senior advisor and chief of staff for ICE spoke out on Twitter. He sees the block on the account as being done to cover for “assaulters, drug dealers, thieves, and drunk drivers,” because the accounts use was to “report the location of one of these dangerous aliens.” He added that such criminals would be “allowed to go free under Biden’s policies.”

The Biden administration clearly intends to continue placing the safety of the American public second to the progressive agenda of achieving a borderless world.

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