Twitter CEO’s New Statement On Trump Shocks America

By Mike Brest February 11th, 2021 | Image Source: Washington Examiner

Former President Donald Trump will not be allowed back on Twitter even if he runs for office in the future, a Twitter official said.

The former president was barred from a litany of social media platforms following the deadly riot at the Capitol, which occurred on Jan. 6 as Congress was certifying President Biden’s electoral victory. The former commander in chief has no avenue to regain his account on the platform even if he runs for president in 2024, Twitter CFO Ned Segal said.

“So, the way our policies work, when you’re removed from the platform, you’re removed from the platform whether you’re a commentator, you’re a CFO, or you are a former or current public official. And so, our policies are designed to make sure that people are not inciting violence, and if anybody does that, we have to remove them from the service, and our policies don’t allow people to come back,” he said Wednesday on CNBC.

Trump’s stature as a former president would make no difference in terms of his reinstatement, Segal added.

“He was removed when he was president, and there would be no difference for anybody who’s a public official, once they’ve been removed from the service,” he added.

Trump encouraged his supporters who attended a rally in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6 to march to the Capitol to express their displeasure with Congress’s intent to certify Biden’s electoral victory. The crowd ultimately turned into a clash between Trump supporters and law enforcement officers, leaving multiple people dead.

Twitter disabled the president’s personal account permanently after reviews of two of the then-president’s tweets that the company determined violated its Glorification of Violence policy. The platform determined that the tweets in question could be viewed as incitements of violence that were “likely to inspire others to replicate the violent acts that took place on January 6, 2021.”

Online chatter about future attacks was already circulating, including “a proposed secondary attack on the US Capitol and state capitol buildings on January 17, 2021,” Twitter noted.

Shortly after he was banned, the former president issued a statement accusing the platform of “banning free speech” and of having “coordinated with the Democrats and the Radical Left … to silence [him].”

Since his ban from Twitter, Trump has reportedly been in high spirits, according to confidants of the former commander in chief.

“The president has said he feels happier now than he’s been in some time. He’s said that not being on social media, and not being subject to the hateful echo chamber that social media too frequently becomes, has actually been good,” former Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller told the Sunday Times, adding that former first lady Melania Trump also “loves” how much “happier” her husband has been since he stopped tweeting.

Author: Mike Brest

Source: Washington Examiner: Twitter executive says Trump won’t be allowed back on platform even if he runs for office again

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