Tucker Carlson Absolutely Shreds Meghan Markle

By Matt Vespa March 11th, 2021 | Image Source: Town Hall

Well, Piers Morgan is off his program across the pond in the United Kingdom after his intense criticism of the interview Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did with Oprah Winfrey. Morgan, to his credit, has stood by his scolding of this gruesome twosome as he exits Good Morning Britain. The couple alleges racism regarding the birth of their son, Archie, how Meghan was suicidal, and a whole bunch of other stuff that was either unremarkable or unbelievable. Markle says she never Googled Harry while they dated. Yeah, and my father’s the Pope. Are you kidding me, lady? Also, this isn’t a family. It’s an institution and you’re public figures, so spare us the ‘media is mean to me’ whine-fest. We all know why this is being discussed. It goes beyond the ‘this is the royals’ angle and palace intrigue. It’s the racism bit. The allegation is enough to get the Left in a frenzy—and it has. Markle knew what fishing lure to use and the progressive Left has come rushing in; it’s all utterly predictable. So, with this being a topic of discussion, who best to further slice and dice this detached and coddled couple than Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

The duchess sits on millions of dollars, lives in a mansion, and is able to speak to Oprah, which was seen by scores of people, but she has it rough. She’s powerless. She’s been silenced. Carlson noted something idiotic about all of this: it’s not true. I know you picked that up from the get-go. And it’s not just her. Carlson also tossed Michelle Obama who said this at the Democratic National Convention, “Now, I understand that my message won’t be heard by some people. We live in a nation that is deeply divided, and I am a Black woman speaking at the Democratic convention.”

Absurd. Carlson noted that she’s only the first lady speaking during primetime in America. Victimhood, racism, and being the thought police have become the digital heroin of our time—and it’s now caught onto the wealthy and powerful. It’s backward, folks—and Carlson zeroes in on the idiocy underneath the Markle whine-fest. He also touched upon New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz who apparently had her life destroyed after she peddled a total lie about business tech entrepreneur Marc Andreessen using the word “retard” while hosting an event on Clubhouse. Yeah, she had some mean stuff hurled her way, but it’s her fault. She lied. And got some flak, which was deserved. Carlson noted that Lorenz’s life is still pretty golden (via Fox News):

What’s going on here? A lot of things, probably. For rich people, deciding that you’re a victim has many levels of appeal. For one thing, it gives meaning to your decadent, empty life. There are only so many expensive vacations you can take to St. Barth’s, only so many overpriced clothes you can buy, only so many dumb parties you can go to in Aspen before you begin to realize that none of it is enough. None of it really means anything. It’s empty. Victimhood solves that problem. When you’re a victim, you’re inherently significant. Martyrdom means you’re forever the hero of the story. So you can see why narcissists love it, and there are a lot of those right now.

But there is another, darker effect of all this, an effect that has changed our country. When powerful people decide they’re oppressed, the balance of power changes. If you were very rich, you might imagine that you owed something to the people below you. Noblesse oblige, they used to call it, back when we had a responsible ruling class that thought about other people.

Previous generations of rich people understood this very well, and they taught their children this: To whom much is given, much is expected. That was the deal for centuries. But self-identified victimhood instantly nullifies this deal, and restores power to the powerful. No one expects anything from a victim. Victims don’t give, they receive.

“That poor duchess,” you think to yourself, “I hope she’s OK”. Of course, she should be thinking that very thing about you, but she’s not.

We’re not done with this yet, folks. There’s going to be more Markle drama. Didn’t we fight a revolution so we wouldn’t have to deal with this nonsense? Yes, but when a racism allegation is lobbed into the fray—chaos reigns.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: Tucker Carlson Takes a Break from Regular Programming to Absolutely Shred Meghan Markle

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