Trump’s Supporters Give Him The Surprise Of a Lifetime

Former President Trump, accompanied by his wife Melania and son, Barron were welcomed with standing ovation when they got spotted in Mar-a-Lago on Friday.

Audience members cried out “Mr. President!” as the former commander-in-chief entered the room.

The video was shared across Instagram on Friday, showing the first time that all 3 of the family members have been spotted since leaving the White House.

His high praise comes after Trump has taken active measures to bolster the Republican Party, with initiatives such as Save America PAC and 45 Office.

Trump made a call to boycott all companies which support “woke cancel culture,” such as those who oppose the voting integrity bill that Georgia passed on Saturday. Such companies include Coca-Cola, Merck, Delta Airlines, and Major League Baseball.

The former president wished his supporters a Happy Easter and extended the greeting to “radical left crazies.” He also jabbed at the left, claiming that they “rigged our Presidential Election” amongst other efforts to “destroy our country!”

Happy Easter Donald Trump.

Author: Dan Windsor

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