Trump Set Up America For Life — But Biden’s Recklessness Is Undoing It All

Joe Biden seemingly can’t make up his mind about whether he wants the U.S. to use oil for energy or not.

During his first day in office, he issued a slew of executive orders that crippled U.S. energy production and ended hopes of cheap purchase and transport of oil from our ally Canada, who happens not to be an OPEC member.

Biden accomplished this in two ways, both by canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline which would have supplied oil to the U.S. from Canada and by using illegal loopholes to pause drilling leases on federal lands.

Biden’s rash actions needlessly harmed U.S. energy production, causing prices to soar and harming everyday Americans at the gas pump.

But now he’s singing a slightly different tune. Biden is calling on OPEC, the unstable and despotic group of countries that we should have no reliance on, to produce more oil in order to fight climbing gas prices at home, as concerns mount regarding fast inflation that could entirely undo the economic recovery of post-COVID America.

The Biden administration made the plea to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, asking for them and their allies to add more to the already agreed upon boost made in July that called for a 400,000 barrel per day increase throughout the remainder of the year and into 2022. The administration argues that the previously arranged amount is “simply not enough” to put America on track during it’s “critical moment in… recovery.”

This is complete nonsense.

The U.S. was energy independent under the Trump administration, but clearly that is no longer the case, since Biden is begging OPEC hat-in-hand to supply us with our energy needs. The simple explanation is that while Biden discourages domestic energy production, Trump utilized it. Under Trump, the world was a global leader in energy production, but now we’re reduced to beggars on the global stage.

As an aside, American energy production has much greater cleanliness standards than OPEC, meaning that Biden’s reliance on OPEC is completely counterproductive to his aims of environmental friendliness.

In any case, the U.S. is in trouble so long as the powers that be remain indecisive regarding how we source our energy, and anti-American when it comes to energy production.

America needs a hero. Just three more years folks, hang in there.

Author: David Patrick