Trump Reveals Which Foreign Leader Is Capable Of Exposing Biden Family Corruption

While the mainstream media is desperate to conceal the high-level corruption found deep within the Biden family, Donald Trump is ensuring no one forgets.

The Former President is again exposing just how insidious and opportunistic Joe Biden and his embattled son Hunter really are, especially as they took advantage of Joe’s position in government to score lucrative financial deals with foreign leaders.

The truth was exposed on the debate stage when Trump was mopping the floor with a very vacant Joe Biden, but somehow the story never gained the traction required to implant itself in the minds of most Americans.

But we aren’t forgetting — oh no — and thanks to Trump, he’s creating a buzz around the bombshell story once again.

Donald Trump is a master at media manipulation. He’s fully aware of mainstream media’s obsession with his relationship (or lack thereof) with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and he fully plans to take advantage of it.

For years Trump was inaccurately linked to Putin as the American version of a former Soviet dictator — but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, entire investigations were launched as a result of phony Russian collusion hoaxes, which eventually scored Trump an impeachment charge.

Now, Trump is utilizing the media’s obsession over his relationship with Putin to expose the layers of corruption within the Biden family.

In an interview released on Tuesday, the Former President called on Vladimir Putin to release information about shady business dealings between Hunter Biden and certain Russian oligarchs.

His request comes as Ukraine fights off a military invasion from Russia.

Trump specifically referenced a 2020 report from the Senate homeland security and finance committees claiming that in 2014, Elena Baturina, the then-wife of Moscow’s mayor, paid $3.5 million to a company linked to Hunter Biden.

“She gave him $3.5 million, so now I would think Putin would know the answer to that. I think he should release it,” Trump said. “I think we should know that answer.”

Jen Psaki over at the White House refuses to take any questions relating to Hunter Biden, claiming “he doesn’t work for the government.” 

The laptop hard drive was sourced as the key piece of evidence behind corruption claims but was dismissed as Russian disinformation at the time.

However, as the “Laptop From Hell” story finally receives the validation we all knew it had and pressure to investigate Hunter and Joe’s overseas business dealings is mounting.

This couldn’t be better timing on Trump’s part as he is currently not holding public office, therefore he is shielded from the Democrats’ political attacks. Lest we forget, Trump was impeached for simply trying to uncover the corruption deep within the Biden family.

Propagandist news outlets continue to bury the story as we speak…

Author: Asa McCue