Trump Obliterates Traitorous RINOs Who Gave Democrats All They Ever Wanted

Something big happened over the weekend, and there’s a lot of confusion about what really went down on Friday. Democrats have successfully passed a ridiculous $1.2 Trillion bill for infrastructure, but not everyone is happy with the vote. On Friday, no one was sure if it would even get a single vote, let alone pass. But in the end, it did pass with a 228-206 vote, and it happened with the assistance of 13 Republicans who ultimately gave favor to the massive spending bill. While these Republicans are facing backlash from a number of sources, perhaps the most prominent is the former President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Trump said that he is incredibly upset that the Republican RINOs in the Senate and in the House gave Democrats, as well as Biden, the win on a bill for infrastructure that has absolutely nothing to do with infrastructure. Trump says there is only about 11% of the funds in the bill that are actually going to infrastructure.

If you’re curious about which Republicans voted for the outlandish bill, here’s a list.

While Trump was upset with all of RINOs who made the bill a reality, he was particularly tough of the Minority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, who is a Republican from Kentucky, for his favorable vote of the bill.

Trump says that anyone who calls themselves a Republican that voted for this Democrat bill should be greatly ashamed. Particularly Mitch McConnell, who Trump said granted Democrats a two month stay that gave them the time and ability to work this bill through, at the expense of the country and the Republican party.

Democrat infighting had reached uncharted levels over the reconciliation bill, and unity was at an all time low. Moderate democrats didn’t want to vote on a bill of this magnitude without it first getting a score from the CBO, Congressional Budget Office, and progressives wanted both of the bills to be voted on at the same time.

Trump says that if the Trillion-dollar bill passes, it will be used against Republicans in the elections that are forthcoming. The senate passed the bill at a vote of 69-30.

Author: Harry Boots