Trump Launches New Website — The Left is Furious

Trump is fighting back against all those who would silence him. On Tuesday, the former President announced the launch of a new communications platform. Eventually, Trump plans to use this platform to communicate directly with his followers.

Trump’s website launch comes as a sigh of relief for many MAGA Americans, who have struggled to hear from the former President due to relentless attacks from Big Tech Censorship.

You can find the website at

The new site, run by Donald Trump himself, will allow him to post pictures, videos and comments whenever he pleases. The site his hosed by Campaign Nucleus and was made by Trump’s previous campaign manager and friend, Brad Parscale.

The new site will allow user to share Trump’s posts to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but doesn’t allow users to engage with the posts directly, at least not yet.

Trump’s advisor, Jason Miller, informed expectant followers that this is not a social media site, it’s just a site for Trump’s fanbase to receive his latest messages; However, Miller did hint at upcoming social media site news in the near future.

Trump released the site one day before Facebook meets to discuss whether his ban is permanent. Twitter has banned President Trump permanently, but they will soon learn that he can never be silenced.

Author: Devin Reelback

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