Trump Judge Orders Biden To Close Illegal Immigrant Sanctuaries

As it turns out, a U.S. President cannot legally shield hoards of illegal immigrants from deportation using executive order. Go figure!

Such was the case for Joe Biden who since entering office has protected millions of illegal aliens from arrest and deportation using his so-called “sanctuary county orders”. Biden imposed these orders in September 2021 after being successfully sued by Texas and Louisiana. The new “sanctuary county” orders state only illegal aliens deemed a “public safety or national security threat” can be deported by enforcement agents.

A district judge, appointed by former President Donald Trump, has blocked President Joe Biden’s so-called “sanctuary country” orders that have successfully protected millions of illegal aliens from arrest and deportation over the last year.

Unfortunately for Biden, it seems these new orders will be shot down in court as well.

On Tuesday, Trump-appointed District Judge Michael Newman emboldened ICE agents to do their job by issuing a preliminary injunction on Biden’s “sanctuary county” orders. This allows border and enforcement agents to resume deportations on the nation’s 30+ million illegal immigrants.

(Liberals will claim the number is 11 million illegals, but they’re wrong.)

The lawsuit was initiated by Arizona, Montana, and Ohio.

Newman sided against the federal government, ruling that Biden’s policy requires the states to bear the brunt of financial costs to taxpayers associated with protecting illegal aliens.

Newman writes:

But the States have plausibly shown these costs have accrued, and will continue to do so, even if the priority shift generates some offsetting benefit. This financial impact is a “tangible” one. [Emphasis added]

The latest ICE data reveals that Biden essentially gutted our country’s entire immigration enforcement through executive order and other top-down methods. As it stands, arrests of illegal immigrants have freefallen by 50% since 2019 — and deportations have dropped over 80%.

Biden has also softened the U.S. approach on removing illegal aliens convicted of crimes. ICE Data shows that the Biden administration has reduced deportations of convicted criminals by 63% and has issued 48% fewer arrests.

Additionally, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security and State Department have begun issuing visas to Afghan refugees escaping Taliban rule after an unsuccessful and embarrassing evacuation mission of U.S. troops resulted in the downfall of Afghanistan.

Some may even say this is all an intentional ploy to import an entirely new voter demographic?

Author: Robert Bogart